Past groups offered include:


A group for parents of children with behavioral challenges designed to teach parents a skills‐based, non‐aversive approach to the discipline of children and adolescents. The techniques taught in this group are effective with a variety of diagnoses, as well as with undiagnosed challenging behaviors. During this group, participants learn and practice how to encourage desired behaviors, extinguish problematic conduct and set limits with their children.


A support group for fathers that focuses on exploring and sharing the experience of being a dad. The group provides needed support to men negotiating the many difficulties of work and family life. It also serves as a vehicle for valuing the roles that fathers play in the lives of all children and families.

Anxiety and Depression
Support Group

This group for adults provides support to individuals who would like to augment current individual therapy or medication management. Past discussions have focused upon work, self-esteem, intimate relationships, regrets, and fears as well as symptom management. The group provides a supportive network of peers to discuss treatment options and current challenges. No prior group therapy experience is required.